Dental Crowns

A dental crown, also known as a cap, is a restoration that is placed over a cracked, broken, root filled or heavily filled tooth to protect the tooth against fracture.

Indications for having a dental crown

  • If the tooth has suffered a large fracture then a dental crown can protect the remaining part of the tooth.
  • If a significant part of a tooth is lost due to dental decay then a crown is much stronger than a filling.
  • During root canal treatment, if a large portion of the tooth is removed or discoloured a dental crown can fix this.
  • Patients who grind their teeth can gain protection by having a crown placed over worn or damaged teeth.
  • Crowns can also be used for cosmetic purposes to improve the look of a smile.

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What types of dental crowns are available?

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All Ceramic Crown

All ceramic crowns have no grey metal inside. Therefore, they are often used for the visible front teeth. If over time, the gum recedes, there will be no grey metal margin on show. At Pearl Dental Clinic we also offer an express service for dental crowns.

All Zirconium Crowns

These crowns are usually used for back teeth. These crowns have no porcelain, so the risk of crown fracture is far less. In terms of tooth reduction, these crowns need minimal drilling similar to gold crowns. These crowns are not quite as aesthetically pleasing as ceramic crowns but are still white in colour.

Metal Ceramic Crown

These crowns have a metal core on the inside and porcelain bonded to the outside. However, the thin porcelain layer can fracture more easily than other crowns. Metal Ceramic crowns are usually used on back teeth.

Gold Crowns

These crowns are the strongest crowns available. They are usually used for back teeth. Gold crowns need minimal tooth reduction.

What is the procedure for having a dental crown made?

  • Clinical assessment and an X-ray is taken.
  • Preparation of the tooth along with digital scans/ impression sent to the lab. A temporary crown is Made.
  • Fitting of the final crown once it has returned from the lab.

How long do dental crowns last?

With good regular maintenance, crowns can last 10-15 years.

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