At Bushy Park Dental Practice, we have treated a variety of orthodontic concerns including teeth which are overcrowded or have gaps using Invisalign.
Because Invisalign is nearly invisible, it would be difficult for anyone to detect that you are wearing it and so you can smile with confidence during and after your treatment. You can remove the aligners, so you can eat and drink what you like.

How does Invisalign work?

  • The treatment starts with a Free Consultation with one of our experienced dentists or Specialist Orthodontist.
  • The image of your teeth are sent to design your treatment( clinic check)
  • Once the Clinic Check plan is approved by you, Align Technology will then make a series of custom made aligners. Each aligner is slightly different, moving your teeth gradually into the desired position. You wear each aligner for one-two weeks and then move on to the next aligner.
  • We will see you for a progress review every six weeks.
Why not try the Smile Assessment Test to discover if Invisalign clear aligners are right for you? Bushy Park Dental Practice is open 6 days a week, with availability on late evenings and early morning.. You can book a FREE consultation by calling us on 020 8941 909 or email us or book online.

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